22 Investment Funds for Advanced Therapies

9 December 2020

Understanding the investment landscape for advanced therapy biotech and technology enablers

The investment potential across the advanced therapies industry is enormous, with constant headlines about various capital investments, IPOs (2020’s biggest IPO so far goes to China’s Legend Bio at $424 million), licensing deals etc. With various predicted CAGRs over 30%, this is no surprise. However, for small to mid-sized biotechs, who make up much of this landscape and technology innovators that enable the development and commercialisation of these therapies, securing the right funding at the right time can be an arduous task.

So, where should they start and what should they be looking for? This report will examine 22 of the leading investment funds that are perfectly positioned for advanced therapy biotechs and tech innovators. A summary of the organisations featured in this report and their specialities is shown in the table below:

Best of luck with your funding ventures!