AAV: Proactively Addressing the Challenge, While Celebrating the Highlights

Georgi Makin
28 April 2023
Cell Therapy
Scaling Up
Viral/Non-Viral Vectors
Katja Betts, CEO at PROGEN, discusses the core issues affecting biotechs working with AAV and how these could be addressed at both the individual team and industry-wide levels.

Katja begins by introducing the challenges facing biotechs within AAV, and explores the possibility for devising standards for the field. Katja continues to explore challenges that occur when scaling up AAV operations, before sharing her top tips for developing AAV.

Finally, Katja discusses her AAV ‘headline highlights’ from the past year or so, and suggests what we might be able to expect from the next 5 years.

This interview has been produced in partnership with PROGEN and was recorded at Advanced Therapies Week 2023.