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Taysha Gene Therapies Halts its TSHA-120 Program for Giant Axonal Neuropathy Treatment

Taysha is discontinuing the development of TSHA-120 in GAN following the Type C meeting feedback from the FDA

Oxford Biomedica Explores Acquisition of ABL Europe in Collaboration with Institut Mérieux

Oxford Biomedica in Exclusive Talks to Acquire ABL Europe from Institut Mérieux.

The Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Capacity Map

The only live, interactive manufacturing capacity compendium for the advanced therapies industry.

Broken String Bioscience Closes $15M Series A Funding Round

Broken String Biosciences has announced that it has closed a $15 million Series A investment round to be used to develop Broken String’s Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based DNA breaking mapping platform.

FDA Delays the Review of Iovance’s BLA Treatment of Advanced Melanoma

The FDA has notified Iovance of resource constraints, delaying the review of Iovance’s Biological License Application (BLA) for its treatment of advanced melanoma.

CancerVAX Introduces a Universal CAR-T Cell Platform in its Expanded Development Pipeline

CancerVAX has expanded its development pipeline to include a universal CAR-T cell platform that may have the potential to majorly reduce the costs of CAR-T cell therapies by helping the body produce its own CAR-T cells.

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Pioneering the future: a compendium of the top Phase I biotech companies at the forefront of innovation within advanced therapies.
This Case study demonstrates the importance of the cell processing and cell culture workflow steps required to improve and develop cell therapies whilst meeting regulatory compliance, increasing speed and reducing costs. 
This Case Study demonstrates how the pressures of CDMOs to support their clients can be intense. GeminiBio discusses the importance of the ability of CDMOs to manage their processes whilst accommodating to their client’s needs as well as other factors that may affect the their ability to demonstrate flexibility.
For this article, PROGEN’s Dana Holzinger (Head of Product Management), Katja Betts (CEO) and Caroline Odenwald (Head of Marketing) discuss the need to anticipate change when developing AAV gene therapy to reduce uncertainty whilst still supporting innovation and resilience as the path to success can be complex with many challenges.
As manufacturing pipelines scale in line with increased demand for advanced therapies, there is further demand for digital solutions to support complex manufacturing process development.
Exploring digital solutions for cell and gene therapy manufacturing: a Pharma 4.0 perspective.
This Case Study demonstrates how the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapeutics (AABB) evaluated the apparent challenges in identifying and retaining employees due to a shortage in the worldwide biotherapies workforce.
Gene-edited cell therapies represent a rapidly growing area for advanced therapeutic development, but manufacturing-related challenges remain to commercialize such complex therapies.
This Case Study demonstrates how the Excellos team successfully carried out process development of a scale up procedure from tissue culture stacks to a commercial bioreactor system.
This Case Study demonstrates how the use of Akadeum’s microbubble platform offers a simple and highly tunable isolation and activation workflow that generates T cells ready for suspended cell culture and downstream applications, such as genetic modification and expansion, and discusses the potential impact of the solution on cancer treatment.