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Intensified extracellular vesicle production in fixed-bed bioreactors: Discover low-footprint, automated solutions for low-cost extracellular vesicles manufacturing

Are you looking for a cost-effective, high-productivity extracellular vesicle (EV) production platform that overcomes traditional manufacturing challenges? Join us to discover how Univercells Technologies’ scalable fixed-bed design is transforming EV manufacturing.
08:00 [PDT] | 16:00 [BST]

Learning From Experience: Navigating Cell & Gene Therapy Development Challenges with Productive CDMO Partnerships

In this interview, Andy Lewin, Chief Commercial Officer of Pluri CDMO discusses the perpetual challenges in cell and gene therapy development, emphasizing the pivotal role of CDMO partnerships in addressing cost, quality, and time concerns. Andy highlights the importance of fostering a true collaboration where CDMOs become integral to the client’s team, contributing to the long-term success of advanced therapy products.

Partnering to Enable Solutions for Allogeneic Cell Therapy Industrialization

Aaron Dulgar-Tulloch, Chief Technology Officer, Genomic Medicine at Cytiva is joined by Nick Ribaudo, Technical Program Manager, Cell Therapy at Bayer, Amy Shaw, Director, Process Development at Takeda, Lara Ionescu Silverman, Founder and Principal Consultant at LIS BioConsulting and Metin Kurtoglu, Chief Operating Officer at Cartesian Therapeutics for this Workshop at Advanced Therapies Week 2024.

Smoothing the Road to Cell and Gene Therapy Commercialization

In interview, filmed on the showfloor at Advanced Therapies Week 2024, Gabriella Perell, Gabriella Perell, Senior Product Manager, Cell & Gene Therapy at Bio-Techne, and Josh Ludwig, Global Director, Commercial Operations at ScaleReady, share insights into the crucial collaboration between their organizations. Together, they explore the challenges and opportunities in transitioning from benchtop to clinic, the role of closed/sterile manufacturing systems, and the importance of proactive partnerships in the rapidly evolving field of cell and gene therapy.

Maximizing cost efficiency, reducing GMP footprint, and eliminating bottlenecks in Lentiviral virus production: A Case Study with the Cytegrity™ Producer Cell Line in the scale-X™ Fixed-Bed Bioreactor.

Discover revolutionary advancements in LVV production with our expert-led webinar, addressing industry challenges such as batch variability and high process costs. Learn how the Cytegrity™ Producer Cell Line system and Univercells Technologies’ scale-X™ bioreactor can transform your manufacturing processes.
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Bridging the Gap: How Innovation-Driven Partnerships Fuel the Pace of Cell Therapy Manufacturing Development

Michelle Duquette, Chief Scientist – Cell Therapy at Invetech is accompanied by Matthew Hewitt, VP, CTO CGT & Biologics at Charles River Laboratories, Thorsten Gorba, VP, Process & Analytical Development at Aspen Neuroscience, Emily Titus, SVP Technical Operations at Notch Therapeutics and Rob Tressler, CSO at Excellos for this Workshop at Advanced Therapies Week 2024. 

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Up Next: Going Non-Viral: How Cell Therapy Manufacturing is Moving Away From Viral Vectors

Are you interested in editing cells using a CRISPR-based non-viral vector capable of achieving knock-in rates of 70–90%? Don’t miss this webinar discussing this approach and the specific strategies to improve manufacturing timelines and costs.
21 Mar 2024
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At Advanced Therapies Week 2024, the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies (AABB) invited industry leaders to convene for a roundtable to discuss ‘The Need for Well-Qualified Personnel.’
This Case Study demonstrates the necessity of exploring alternative manufacturing methods to address production obstacles that may arise in the supply chain for cell and gene therapy products due to their distinctive availability challenges.
Exploring downstream processes with class-defining solutions for bioproduction workflows.
This case study demonstrates how small-volume manufacturers or biotech companies have the option to use high-precision, temperature-controlled automation for aseptic gene therapy production in single-use bags.
As manufacturing pipelines scale in line with increased demand for advanced therapies, there is further demand for digital solutions to support complex manufacturing process development.
Pioneering the future: a compendium of the top Phase I biotech companies at the forefront of innovation within advanced therapies.
This Case study demonstrates the importance of the cell processing and cell culture workflow steps required to improve and develop cell therapies whilst meeting regulatory compliance, increasing speed and reducing costs. 
This Case Study demonstrates how the pressures of CDMOs to support their clients can be intense. GeminiBio discusses the importance of the ability of CDMOs to manage their processes whilst accommodating to their client’s needs as well as other factors that may affect the their ability to demonstrate flexibility.
For this article, PROGEN’s Dana Holzinger (Head of Product Management), Katja Betts (CEO) and Caroline Odenwald (Head of Marketing) discuss the need to anticipate change when developing AAV gene therapy to reduce uncertainty whilst still supporting innovation and resilience as the path to success can be complex with many challenges.
Exploring digital solutions for cell and gene therapy manufacturing: a Pharma 4.0 perspective.