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A Disruptive Approach to Advancement: Strategic Investments and Collaborative Innovation to Solve Major Manufacturing Pain Points

Xavier De Mollerat Du Jeu, Senior Director R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific is accompanied by Gianluca Pettiti, Executive Vice President and President, Life Sciences Group at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Fred Parietti, Co-Founder and CEO at Multiply Labs for this Workshop at Advanced Therapies Week 2024. 

European Commission Grants Approval for CASGEVY™ for Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease and Beta-Thalassemia

The European Commission has granted conditional marketing authorization for CASGEVY.

Women in Advanced Therapies Pre-Day: Embracing Failure, Vulnerability, and Self Accountability in and Around Career Development

Summary of Advanced Therapies Week 2024’s WIAT Pre-Day hosted by Phacilitate’s Beck Johnson-Kent.

Advanced Therapies Week 2024 Opening Plenary: Striving for a Future of Development Whilst Celebrating the Past

Advanced Therapies Week 2024’s Opening Plenary hosted by Chad Salisbury and other experts in the cell and gene therapy field.

Overcoming Connectivity and Scalability Challenges with Gene Therapy Manufacturing Processes

Dan UpDyke, Strategic Marketing Manager at Rockwell Automation, emphasizes the pivotal role of automation and digitalization in addressing critical challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry, including scalability, workforce shortages, and data integration, ultimately driving success in delivering quality products efficiently to patients.

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Up Next: Overcoming Quality and Regulatory Challenges for the Next Era of rAAV

Learn more about regulatory and quality requirements of rAAV-based therapies.
7 Mar 2024
Thursday, March 7, 2024 | 11:00 [EDT] | 08:00 [PDT] | 16:00 [GMT]
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This Case Study demonstrates the necessity of exploring alternative manufacturing methods to address production obstacles that may arise in the supply chain for cell and gene therapy products due to their distinctive availability challenges.
Exploring downstream processes with class-defining solutions for bioproduction workflows.
This case study demonstrates how small-volume manufacturers or biotech companies have the option to use high-precision, temperature-controlled automation for aseptic gene therapy production in single-use bags.
As manufacturing pipelines scale in line with increased demand for advanced therapies, there is further demand for digital solutions to support complex manufacturing process development.
Pioneering the future: a compendium of the top Phase I biotech companies at the forefront of innovation within advanced therapies.
This Case study demonstrates the importance of the cell processing and cell culture workflow steps required to improve and develop cell therapies whilst meeting regulatory compliance, increasing speed and reducing costs. 
This Case Study demonstrates how the pressures of CDMOs to support their clients can be intense. GeminiBio discusses the importance of the ability of CDMOs to manage their processes whilst accommodating to their client’s needs as well as other factors that may affect the their ability to demonstrate flexibility.
For this article, PROGEN’s Dana Holzinger (Head of Product Management), Katja Betts (CEO) and Caroline Odenwald (Head of Marketing) discuss the need to anticipate change when developing AAV gene therapy to reduce uncertainty whilst still supporting innovation and resilience as the path to success can be complex with many challenges.
Exploring digital solutions for cell and gene therapy manufacturing: a Pharma 4.0 perspective.
This Case Study demonstrates how the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapeutics (AABB) evaluated the apparent challenges in identifying and retaining employees due to a shortage in the worldwide biotherapies workforce.