An All-in-One Approach for Small-Volume Cell Processing from Washing to Final Formulation, Fill, and Finish

Georgi Makin
28 April 2023
Cell Therapy
This Presentation from Advanced Therapies Week 2023 focusses on an all-in-one approach for small-volume cell processing from washing to final formulation, fill, and finish.

During this session, Alaina Schlinker, Senior Manager in the Field Application Support Team at ScaleReady, explores Cue – a small volume cell processing system.

The Cue Cell Processing System is for laboratory use only and may not be used for direct transfusion. Appropriate regulatory clearance is required by the user for clinical use.

Refer to the Cue Cell Processing System User’s Guide for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use of this device.

This Presentation was presented at Advanced Therapies Week 2023, in partnership with ScaleReady.