Ancillary Material Considerations for a Seamless Transition into GMP Manufacturing

Georgi Makin
16 May 2023
Cell Therapy
Gene Therapy
Raw Materials
Scaling Up
This Briefing from Advanced Therapies Week 2023 focusses on ancillary material considerations to facilitate a seamless transition into GMP manufacturing.

During this session, Bernd Leistler, Vice President of Production at Sartorius CellGenix is joined by Tess Kitchener, Vice President, BaseCamp Business Development at Elevatebio, Isaac Zentner, Associate Director of Process Development at Carisma Therapeutics, Stefano Baila, Managing Director at Eurofins and Lili Belcastro, Senior Principal Scientist, Cell and Gene Therapy Raw Materials at Bristol Myers Squibb.

This Briefing was presented at Advanced Therapies Week 2023, in partnership with Sartorius CellGenix.

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