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Efficient AAV Production Scale-Up Enables Rapid Generation of High Throughput AI-Designed AAV Libraries to Accelerate Gene Therapy Development

26 January 2022
Chris Reardon, Associate Scientist at Dyno Theraputics, leads this presentation, sponsored by Corning, describing a novel approach to AAV production using AI-designed AAV libraries.

To enable the potential of gene therapy, novel, optimized capsids are needed. Chris describes how next-gen library synthesis, next-gen sequencing, artificial intelligence, and novel fixed bed bioreactor technology can accelerate the production of improved indication specific AAV capsids, to deliver therapeutic transgenes.

Recent results from studies using the Corning® Ascent™ FBR fixed bed bioreactor technology demonstrate the success of this strategy for efficiently scaling up high throughput AAV library production, leading to gene therapies with the ability to safely and precisely deliver a genetic payload to the intended target cells.

This briefing has been produced in partnership with Corning.

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