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Unlocking the Potential of Advanced Therapies Through Collaborations

26 January 2022
In this Briefing discussion from Advanced Therapies week 2022,  moderator Delara Motlagh, General Manager of Cell Therapy Technologies at Terumo BCT leads the panel in exploring the importance of collaboration to tackle challenges faced by drug developers.

Featured on the panel for this discussion were Alex Klarer, Head of Cell Therapy at BioCentriq, Tifany Rau, Owner, and Principal Consultant at Rau Consulting and joining virtually via live stream, Krishendu Roy, Robert A. Milton Chair Professor, Director, NSF ERC on Cell Manufacturing Technologies (CMaT), Georgia Tech.

The panelists partook in an interesting discussion considering some of the main challenges faced in drug development by biotechs and academics, as well as how can the potential of advanced therapies, from a developmental standpoint, can be unlocked.

The Briefing also covers:

  • What are the benefits of collaborations to biotechs in advancing drug development?
  • Why are partnerships and collaboration critical for leveraging biotech start-ups?
  • How can different stakeholders work together to advance therapies to market?
  • What difference can homing in early on analytics make to therapy success?

The panelists share personal experience and advice for translating innovation into commercialized advanced therapies – what were the stepping stones to get there, and how can others achieve this too.

This briefing has been produced in partnership with Terumo.