Autologous vs Allogeneic: What Therapeutic Developers and Manufacturers Really Need to Know

Georgi Makin
16 March 2023
Cell Therapy
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Regulatory & Standards
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Supply Chain
Rupa Pike, Senior Director of Technical Affairs, Advanced Therapies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, joined us live at Advanced Therapies Week 2023 to discuss and shed some light on the current autologous vs allogeneic cell therapy landscape.

Discussing arguably one of the biggest debates in cell and gene therapy right now, autologous vs allogeneic, Rupa first takes a broad look at the market trends we are seeing in CGT development and manufacturing, before zooming in on the CDMO preparations, as well as supply chain and logistical considerations required for each method.

Rupa then goes on to consider the importance of mitigating manufacture risks in the unique regulatory environment that advanced therapies are developed and commercialized in, noting the benefits of collaboration to novel therapy delivery.

This interview has been produced in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific and was recorded at Advanced Therapies Week 2023.