BACS™ Microbubbles: The Solution to Better Cell Separation

Georgi Makin
21 December 2022
Cell Therapy
Raw Materials
In this interview, Brandon McNaughton, CEO and Co-Founder of Akadeum Life Sciences, explains the story of innovation for the application of microbubbles in cell therapy manufacturing, and the impact innovation can have on the future of healthcare.

Through explaining the story behind Akadeum and the application of innovative technologies, Brandon discusses the process of overcoming limitations and challenges associated with downstream cell therapy manufacturing.

Brandon goes on to discuss the process of deployment through collaboration, before explaining what it is companies like Akadeum look for in a partner, and what to look out from Akadeum over the next few months.

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This interview has been produced in partnership with Akadeum Life Sciences, ahead of Advanced Therapies Week 2023.