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CAR-T Research – An Interview with UChicago’s Michael Bishop

Anna Osborne
5 May 2022
Michael Bishop MD, the Director of Cellular Therapy at The University of Chicago, joined us in our month of ’10 Years of CAR-T’ to discuss how clinical research in CAR-T has contributed to where it is today, as well as shaping its future.

The past 10 years have been a time of extraordinary progress in CAR-T research, enabling many CAR-T products to be available today to the patients who need them. However, we still have a long way to go and much research to complete in order to overcome the many obstacles a complex advanced therapy, as is CAR-T, confronts scientists and physicians with.

The future looks positive and much headway in investigating greater applications and sustained results of CAR-T are already on-going. Michael explains the research projects UChincgo are currently running to collate more data and realise CAR-Ts future potential. This brings with it challenges including; deciphering how to target other indications – most notably solid tumors and how to solve the issues preventing patient access.

Looking towards the next 10 years of CAR-T as the therapeutic begins to establish itself  as a pillar of modern medicine, particularly as a treatment for hematological cancer, Michael comments that “this is going to be an exciting time in the next 10 years, and CAR-T cells are here to stay.”