Cell Therapy

Next-Generation CAR-T, Car-M and NK/NKT Platform Launched, Focussed on Curing Difficult-To-Treat Cancers

Georgi Makin
16 June 2021

Inceptor Bio has announced the launch of a new platform dedicated to advancing cell and gene therapies for hard-to-treat cancers.

As Inceptor Bio continues to build its fit-for-purpose ‘Advanced Manufacturing Platform’ (AMP+) at the centre of a shared infrastructure, the portfolio of new cell and gene therapy companies will focus on specific platforms that can be supported by AMP+.

Having been initially established to pursue opportunities for a diverse cell therapy portfolio – including CAR-T, CAR-M and CAR-NK/NKT – Inceptor Bio further aims to enhance novel mechanisms for enhancing immune cell performance in the tumour microenvironment through collaboration with leading scientists, licensing ‘ground-breaking’ cell and gene technologies.

As Founder, Chairman and CEO, Shailesh Maingi, explained:

“We started Inceptor Bio with a simple purpose – to provide better options for patients with difficult-to-treat cancers. In solid tumours, where there are limited treatment options, patient outcomes remain poor, and cures are elusive. But there is hope with advances in cell and gene therapy. Our mission is consequently to advance multiple next-generation CAR-T, CAR-M and CAR-NK/NKT platforms in collaboration with leading universities to cure these cancers.”

Critical to the growing mission of Inceptor Bio is the AMP+ shared cell and gene manufacturing facility. Described as fit-for-purpose, capital efficient and scalable, the platform is reportedly available for providing expertise and capacity for viral vector and cell therapy operations to companies within the expanding portfolio.

“We are privileged to have an outstanding team of pioneers in cell and gene therapy executing our vision. Our operations strategy starts with AMP+, our Advanced Manufacturing Platform for viral vector and cell therapy operations, which allows us to maintain internal control of development and manufacturing. We are delighted to partner with leading academic collaborators in our shared mission to end cancer,” Maingi continued.

Inceptor Bio has further announced that it has raised $26 million in its seed round, led by the Kineticos Disruptor Fund.

CEO and Ventures President of Kineticos, Frank Lis, added:

“We are delighted to lead the seed round for Inceptor Bio, which has an exceptional cell and gene therapy team, dedicated manufacturing in AMP+, and a unique collaborative model with top research universities. The products being developed by Inceptor Bio will have a profound impact on the lives of many cancer patients.”

Source: Inceptor Bio press release