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Cell and Gene Therapy ‘Digital Capability’ Centre Launched by NJII

Georgi Makin
5 August 2021
NJII has partnered with McKinsey & Company to open a new centre dedicated to the advancement of operations and manufacturing excellence in cell and gene therapy.

In a recent announcement, the BioCentriq team reports the centre will be dedicated to the acceleration of operational excellence and digital transformations in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

As Jeff Smith, McKinsey Partner and Global Co-leader of the firm’s cell and gene therapy projects, explained:

“Bringing the lessons of Industry 4.0 to CGT operations is critical to the continued growth of the CGT industry, not only in revolutionising our approach to treat and cure diseases, but in improving the health outcomes of people everywhere. The Digital Capability Centre will focus on digitally enabling operations to improve performance—from advanced analytics for higher bioprocessing productivity to AI in deviation reduction and digital-twin-based plant scheduling—and the mind-sets and capabilities needed to enable, scale, and sustain the transformation.”

Find out more from BioCentriq and NJII:

Haro Hartounian, SVP and General Manager of the biopharma division at NJII added:

“We are honoured to partner with McKinsey & Company who will contribute their thought leadership and expertise in operational excellence to design this centre and develop and deliver the curriculum. Our mission is to make cell and gene therapies more accessible to the patients that need them, and this centre will provide an opportunity for companies from around the world to experience innovative and promising Industry 4.0 approaches and technologies first-hand.”

In a press release published by BioCentriq this week, the team cites an annual report from the Alliance of Regenerative Medicine which states that there are more than 1,085 total gene, cell and tissue-based therapeutic developers worldwide and 1,220 trials aiming to enrol more than 90,000 patients worldwide.

In order for therapies to become accessible and for capacity to meet demand, the BioCentriq team, a subsidiary of NJII helping to support the centre, suggests that efficiency in manufacturing is the key factor. The technology, as well as digital and operational approaches introduced through the new Digital Capability Centre are hoped to be instrumental to overcoming this obstacle.

This centre, which will open in the VentureLink building on the campus of NJIT in late 2021, is one of the latest in a worldwide network of Capability Centres, first launched in 2007 by McKinsey & Company.

Source: BioCentriq press release