Coffee and a Cupcake: a Spotlight on Women in Advanced Therapies

Becky Johnson-Kent
8 March 2023
Cell Therapy
Gene Therapy
Skills, Talent & Development
Becky Johnson-Kent, Program Lead for Phacilitate’s Women in Advanced Therapies, is joined by Audrey Greenberg, Founder of the Center for Breakthrough Medicines, Jacqueline Barry, Chief Clinical Officer at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, Lindsey Clarke, Co-Founder of the CGT Circle and Susan Nichols, Chief Business Officer at Virocell to discuss the challenges still facing women within the advanced therapies industry, and what’s needed to overcome them. 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day this year, the theme of embracing equity (#EmbraceEquity) comes into play, with conversations spanning many industries considering what equity means to their respective fields, and the women working within them. 

As Phacilitate strives to support improvement for gender equity within the advanced therapies workforce, we are delighted to officially open applications for our Women in Advanced Therapies mentorship scheme for 2o23. With over 100 pre-registered and interested participants so far, we are incredibly excited to launch the Women in Advanced Therapies initiative for 2023 with a brand new look, the biggest cohort for the mentorship program we have ever seen, and a lot of exciting, exclusive events to feature throughout the year. 

Apply for the 2023 mentorship program, here >>

In line with this announcement, we are also delighted to present the first Women in Advanced Therapies panel of the year. Filmed at Advanced Therapies Week, Becky begins the conversation by asking, “why are we still having this conversation?”, before entering into two separate discussions with the esteemed Women in Advanced Therapies mentors, advisors and Network members.

If you have any insights or comments you’d like to share from the discussion, join the thread within the Network. You can also keep up to date with the latest Women in Advanced Therapies news, announcements and exclusive events by joining the dedicated group within the Phacilitate Network, here. We look forward to seeing you there!