Demonstrating Azenta’s Cryo Store PicoTM

25 January 2023
Automation & Digitisation
Cell Therapy
Gene Therapy
In this Tech Demo, Erica Waller, Product Manager at Azenta Life Sciences, discusses the different features of the new automated cryopreservation solution, Cryo Store PicoTM, before demonstrating the model live on the Advanced Therapies Week 2023 show floor. 

Erica begins by explaining what Azenta is, and the basis for their automated cryopreservation solutions. Erica continues by introducing the Pico, starting with the benefits of the automated workflow.

Erica then walks us through a full demonstration of using the Pico, before delving into a few more interesting features.

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This demo has been produced in partnership with Azenta Life Sciences, at Advanced Therapies Week 2023.