15 Immuno-oncology Biotechs to Watch in 2018

The pace of innovation across immuno-oncology biotechs is gaining speed and it can be challenging to keep track of scientific developments, new technologies and who is looking for their next big partnership.

The annual ‘Top Immuno-oncology Biotechs to Watch in 2018’ e-book examines 15 of the world’s leading immuno-oncology biotechnology companies, providing you with an at-a-glance view plus more detailed information on how their pipelines are developing. In the spirit of impartiality, the list has been compiled in alphabetical order…

…but who is your pick for most disruptive?

  1. Apeiron
  2. eTheRNA
  3. Glycostem
  4. Gritstone Oncology
  5. Imugene
  6. iTeos Therapeutics
  7. Morphosys
  8. Nanjing Legend Biotech
  9. Neon Therapeutics
  10. Progenics
  11. PsiOxus
  12. Shattuck Labs
  13. Surface Oncology
  14. TCR2 Therapeutics
  15. Unum Therapeutics