Anticipating Change: Ensuring AAV Gene Therapy Development’s Path to Success
For this article, PROGEN’s Dana Holzinger (Head of Product Management), Katja Betts (CEO) and Caroline Odenwald (Head of Marketing) discuss the need to anticipate change when developing AAV gene therapy to reduce uncertainty whilst still supporting innovation and resilience as the path to success can be complex with many challenges.

The advanced therapies industry is rapidly evolving with budding innovation propelling the creation of life-changing research, knowledge and potential treatments for unmet medical needs. The desire for a smooth process from early development to the final product is an ideal scenario for any innovative product. Upkeep with the quick progress can be tedious as the cell and gene therapy industry continues to advance. The ideal situation, especially during the later stages and clinical development, is to have a reality where there are no product, process, or manufacturing changes from early development to the final product.

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This Article has been produced in partnership with PROGEN.