Gene Therapies: The Road to Regulatory Approval
This infographic is one chapter of an entire eBook entitled, ‘How to Build a Gene Therapy’. Download the full eBook here

Gene therapies are complex treatments with complex mechanisms of action and testing requirements, so the road from preclinical discovery to regulatory approval isn’t always easy to navigate. Carefully planning a route before setting off can help innovators to predict any roadblocks and diversions and navigate around them, as early decisions can affect success at later stages. Even better, partnering with a well-established contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that supports the entire journey from early discovery through to testing and commercialization with onsite, fully integrated services will give drug developers access to innovative technologies and expert guidance along the way.

So, what are the steps on the long and winding road from the lab bench to the clinic for a novel gene therapy? Check out the infographic to find out. 

This infographic has been produced in partnership with WuXi Advanced Therapies