5 Disruptive Strategies for Market & Patient Access in Europe

Gaining market and patient access in Europe has presented many cell and gene therapy companies with barriers.

According to Global Data, to date, 40 cell and gene therapies have been authorized for marketing, with 11 products currently in the pre-registration stages and 103 in Phase III trials.

This data all points to one thing – we are likely to see an influx of cell and gene therapies attempting to gain market access in the upcoming years.

However, the advanced therapies industry is currently facing a dilemma: scientific advancement is exceeding market and reimbursement adaptation.

To break down these barriers, there is a need for a movement towards:

  • Adopting more flexible reimbursement and regulatory guidelines
  • Re-evaluating how we measure value propositions
  • Increasing cell and gene therapy manufacturing capacity
  • Improving collaborative relationships across cell and gene therapy stakeholders
  • Increasing funding in Europe

We summarized these 5 disruptive strategies for market and patient access in Europe in this handy infographic…