The Highs and Lows of Cell and Gene Therapy Commercialisation
A snapshot of the industry’s approach to commercialisation.

A smooth pathway to commercialisation still feels like something of an enigma for cell and gene therapy developers, which begs the question, does one exist? Is there a framework of milestones, steps, decisions to be made that can be applied across the industry?

We can see from the infographic that the majority of the industry’s pipeline is found in the earlier stages of development and research, and so designing a pathway to commercialisation now could be a crucial success factor for a lot of developers.

The biggest challenges are:

  • Assay development and testing
  • Investment and funding
  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Batch release
  • Finding the right CDMO

cell and gene therapy commercialisation bottlenecks

It’s no surprise that most of these bottlenecks are manufacturing-related; manufacturing has been at the heart of innovation and development efforts for our industry in recent years. But at what stage of development should these issues be considered and planned for and can analytics and automation technology provide a solid solution today?

Take a look at the infographic for all of the results and see how your organisation compares.

This infographic has been produced in partnership with Cognate Bioservices