Top Cell & Gene Biotechnology Companies 2023
Pioneering the future: a compendium of the top Phase I biotechnology companies at the forefront of innovation within advanced therapies.

Welcome to our comprehensive compilation of Phase I biotech companies at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare through cutting-edge cell and gene therapies. In this curated list, we unveil a diverse array of pioneering organizations that have embarked on the remarkable journey of harnessing the power of cells and genes to tackle some of the most challenging diseases known to humankind.

There are an estimated ~1,400 biotech companies operating within the advanced therapies industry, and sadly we cannot do them all justice in one feature. We have therefore limited our top companies’ listings to those with a therapeutic pipeline at Phase I in their clinical journey.

The companies listed in this feature are organized in alphabetical order. The information for each company listed has been taken from recent press release boilerplates, or adapted from LinkedIn where no recent press releases are available. Please see each company’s website for accurate and supplementary information.

Did your company make the list?