Early Adoption and Partnerships – The Secret to Commercialization Success?

Georgi Makin
2 March 2023
Cell Therapy
Clinical Trials
Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisitions
Gene Therapy
Scaling Up
This Briefing from Advanced Therapies Week 2023 focusses on how partnerships within the industry can advance research from the clinic to manufacturing scale, to keep pace with the evolving field.

During this session, Terumo’s Stuart Gibb, PhD, Scientific Strategy Lead at Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, is joined by Nisha C. Durand, PhD, Principal Research Technologist at Mayo Clinic and Matthew M. Hewitt, B.A. PhD, Executive Director, Scientific Services Cell and Gene Therapy at Charles River.

This Briefing was presented at Advanced Therapies Week 2023, in partnership with Terumo