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Early Stage Incubator for Biopharma Start-ups Open for Applications

Georgi Makin
22 July 2021
The self-proclaimed ‘business jet fuel’ 14-week program is open for applications until the 8th August 2021.

The New Jersey Innovation Institute has announced that applications are open for VentureLink’s BioFoundry – an early stage incubator especially designed for cell and gene therapy start-ups, as well as related industries, including: protein, MABs, and vaccine developers, as well as innovations that assist in their creation.

The incubator aims to empower founder-scientists to ‘launch and transform’ their research into a fully-developed business, providing training, investor pitch coaching, interactive programming and opportunities for networking, ultimately to mature successful scientists into impactful CEOs.

If accepted, successful start-ups will be able to access an ‘exclusive network’ of investors and pharmaceutical partners, as well as support in building skills around recruitment, commercialisation strategy, fundraising and equity management.

The BioFoundry team also reports that their companies utilise their network of expert entrepreneurs, alumni and established pharmaceutical leaders, BioCentriq and the VentureLink@NJIT coworking space.

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Start-ups looking to scale-up, apply for Series A in the next 18 months or who are raising/have raised pre-seed funding can apply now for the incubator, for free, participating in a 14-week programme from September–December 2021.

The program will culminate in a showcase with experts and investors. If you are an interested investor, the BioFoundry team actively encourages you to sign up for an invitation, here, as they report ‘scouring the US for the next big Biopharma start-ups’!

For more information on application process, please visit the BioFoundry page: www.venturelink.org/biofoundry

Thanks to the support of the US EDA Regional Innovation Strategies Program and other partners, the programme is free to participate in.