Increasing Advanced Therapies’ Connectivity and Speed to Market Through Partnership

Georgi Makin
3 February 2023
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Jeff Buck, Vice President, Adherence and Analytics at AmerisourceBergen and Dr Matthew Lakelin, Vice President, Scientific Affairs and Business Development at TrakCel discuss how partnerships can be key to overcoming challenges within the advanced therapies industry, highlighting key examples from the AmerisourceBergen and TrakCel partnership

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Chapter 1: Introductions

Vice President, Adherence and Analytics, at AmerisourceBergen, Jeff Buck, joins TrakCel’s Co-founder and Vice President Scientific Affairs and Business Development, Matthew Lakelin, to discuss advanced therapies’ connectivity and speed to market through partnership.

AmerisourceBergen provides integrated solutions to guide, deliver and support advanced therapies, while TrakCel designs, deploys and supports digital cellular orchestration solutions for cell and gene therapies.

Together, both companies have launched an integrated platform to support cell and gene therapies.

Chapter 2: What Are the Challenges Facing the Advanced Therapies Industry?

Advanced therapies developers face many challenges. It is critical to provide them with ways to unify the different stakeholders involved in the development and deployment of the therapies as well as ways to ensure efficient and visible tracking of the chain of identity and chain of custody at each step of the journey. The orchestration and coordination of the supply chain is of the utmost importance.

Curing a chronic condition through advanced therapy rather than managing it, also develops the necessity for a new financial model over the cost for care that the market still needs help to understand.

Chapter 3: How Can Partnerships Help to Overcome Key Industry Challenges

The right partnership will create an opportunity to bridge the gap in expertise and knowledge between different companies and enhance the chances of success. Thanks to their partnership, AmerisourceBergen and TrakCel help simplify the journey a drug product goes on and increase the likelihood for patients to receive their therapy.

Chapter 4: Could You Give Us Any Examples of a Project Where Your Partnership Has Been Especially Successful?

AmerisourceBergen and TrakCel’s integrated platform combines the Ocellos platform and the Fusion customer relationship management and patient support ecosystem.

Fusion, launched by AmerisourceBergen’s Lash Group, a market leader in patient support with more than 18 million patients served, leverages emerging technologies for benefit verification, prior authorization, and multi-channel communication.

Ocellos streamlines the orchestration of clinical and commercial stage therapies, ensuring chain of custody and chain of identity.

Chapter 5: What Does the Future Hold for the Advanced Therapies Industry? 

As the advanced therapies market keeps growing, we will see new modalities and new challenges appear on top of a continuous need for connectivity and speed to market.

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This interview has been produced in partnership with AmerisourceBergen and was recorded at Advanced Therapies Week 2022.