Exploring the Possibilities of Flexible Automation with Sexton Biotechnologies

28 June 2021
Discover opportunities for flexible automation with this technology demonstration from Sean Werner, President of Sexton Biotechnologies, as featured during the latest Phacilitate Automation SIG (June 2021)

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“Our belief when we introduced the Signata platform and the Signata-CT5 was that flexibility and the ability to integrate between unit operations was really key for advancing cell therapy manufacturing…”

In this demonstration video, Sean explains how it is possible to semi-automate your cell manufacturing process, bringing your process even closer to a true GMP protocol.

Watch as Sean walks through connecting outputs to the Signata system, including connecting Sexton’s proprietary vials or bags as well as connecting the system to bioreactors or other growth chambers.

The demonstration closes with a short Q&A, including questions:

  • What makes this fill and finish system better than alternatives currently on the market? [19:18]
  • How will this platform maintain relevancy as the cell and gene therapy industry continues to grow? [20:24]

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