Streamline ATMP Data Analysis Workflows to Save Experiments and Accelerate Commercialisation

12 August 2021
Explore opportunities to speed up the ATMP lifecycle.

When data generation is faster than data analysis, there is a risk of repeating the same mistakes and not fully learning from the data. In particular, within ATMP trials, data analysis is crucial to efficient processes and consistent product quality. But where to begin?

Join experts Christoph Herwig and Younge Qu from Körber Business Area Pharma as they demonstrate data analysis solutions that will streamline workflows, save costs, and accelerate commercialisation.


Part 1: The speakers demonstrate how an integrated process model can assess process variability in order to achieve consistent product quality.

  • Automated import and contextualization of heterogeneous data formats
  • Intuitive and sound data analysis
  • The benefits of a proper control strategy that holds stage-one validation requirements
  • Opportunities for applying this platform knowledge in scale out scenarios
  • Acceleration of product commercialisation

Part 2: This is an opportunity for you to ask questions to the experts for an interactive Q&A.

Christoph Herwig
Senior Advisor Software
Körber Business Area Pharma
Younge Qu
Head of Application Architecture Software
Körber Business Area Pharma
This webinar was recorded on Thursday 12 August 2021 and was been brought to you in partnership with Körber.

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