The Challenges and Opportunities in Therapeutic Cell Sorting with Cellular Highways

20 October 2021
In this technology demonstration, Samson Rogers (CEO) and Laura Pinton (Lead Biologist) from Cellular Highways discuss the challenges and opportunities with therapeutic cell sorting.

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“We’re all about high-speed, sterile and scalable cell sorting with a new technology. There are various applications for this in biotechnology, but we think the most important is cell therapy, and that is what we have designed this first product around.”

Cellular Highways is developing a new generation of automated high-throughput cell sorting instruments for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Powered by a new microfluidic cell sorter technology, these instruments help to reduce the cost and complexity of cell sorting, and achieve higher throughput that existing platforms, making cell sorting accessible to every laboratory.

Find out more about the highway1 with the full technology demonstration.

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