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Patient Centricity: from Ensuring Patient Safety to the Role of Patient Advocacy

23 May 2022
Robert Beckman and Rosemary Mazanet from Cell One Partners discuss reducing patient risk and the role of patient involvement in advanced therapies development.

As the number of advanced therapies administered to patients increases, the role of the patient becomes increasingly important. The life-changing potential of these curative treatment opportunities is unprecedented, but how important is the role of the patient or patient advocates in the progression of advanced therapies development?

For this interview, filmed at Advanced Therapies Week 2022, Robert Beckman and Rosemary Mazanet from Cell One Partners explain how patient access to advanced therapies can be improved, addressing safety concerns and the capability to predict patient safety issues, reducing risk.

Robert and Rosemary go on to consider the role patient advocates have in advanced therapies development, before postulating on what the future may hold for the field.

This interview has been produced in partnership with Cell One Partners.

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