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Technology Transfer and Automation Integration for Advancing Cell & Gene Therapy Workflows

23 May 2022
Stephen Chang and Anthony Gringeri from Cell One Partners explore the issues associated with technology transfer and the integration of automation for advanced therapies development.

A key challenge cell and/or gene therapy developers face is associated with technology transfer, in that it can be difficult, expensive and detrimental to the progression of the development of the therapy.

Furthermore, the promise of automation can bring with it its own advantages and challenges that remain to be overcome.

For this interview, filmed at Advanced Therapies Week 2022, Stephen Chang and Anthony Gringeri from Cell One Partners discuss opportunities for improving the technology transfer process for advanced therapies, as well as the benefits automation can bring to different workflows, before describing what they expect to see from the future of cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

This interview has been produced in partnership with Cell One Partners.

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