Mind the Gap: Transforming Cell & Gene Therapies from Scientific Success to Available Cures

29 August 2022
Cell Therapy
Gene Therapy
Ohad Karnieli, Founder and CEO of Adva Biotechnology, discusses the clinical potential for cell and gene therapies, as well as the gap that needs bridging in order to transform advanced therapies from scientific success to available cures.

In this short interview, Ohad discusses where we are in revolutionizing cancer treatment, as well as what gaps still need to be bridged in delivering advanced therapies to patients.

Hear more from Ohad at Advanced Therapies Europe – join his session at 13:30 on Wednesday 31st August, titled, ‘Exploring the Shift Towards Point-of-Care Automation & Decentralised Manufacturing.

This interview has been produced in partnership with Adva Biotechnology.

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