Avectas, CCRM and OmniaBio’s Collaboration to Accelerate the Manufacture of Edited iPSCs

Anna Osborne
30 November 2022
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Irish based cell engineering technology company Avectas, and its Canadian CDMO partner CCRM – and its subsidiary OmniaBio – have announced the expansion of their collaboration to accelerate the development of gene-edited iPSCs using SOLUPORE® technology.

The companies’ partnership, which began in March 2020, combines CCRM and OmniaBio’s knowledge of iPSCs manufacturing processes and characterization, with Avectas’ novel cell engineering technologies, to advance the translation of regenerative medicines.

This new commitment for expansion will see Avectus’ non-viral cell engineering platform SOLUPORE® integrated into the manufacture of gene-edited iPSCs, supported by OmniaBio’s large manufacturing capacity and extensive experience in dealing with iPSCs.

CCRM’s newly established subsidiary OmniaBio, is due to open in 2024, and will provide around 100,000 square feet for commercial and late-stage manufacturing.

SOLUPORE® is a unique delivery platform built to allow the manufacture of genetically-modified ex vivo cell products with high in vivo functionality. The technology works to maintain cell health during sequential cell modification by efficiently delivering proteins and nucleic acids into the cells with minimal disruption.

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The integration of SOLUPORE® into gene-edited iPSC manufacturing aims to overcome the limitations of current delivery technologies – reducing the complexity of the gene-editing process and the time taken to create edited iPSC-derived master and working cell banks.

“We’re very pleased to be continuing our partnership with Avectas in a project that is designed to move the industry closer to developing “off-the-shelf” cell therapies for patients. With the addition of OmniaBio’s manufacturing capabilities, we have the infrastructure and technical expertise to support the translation of the SOLUPORE® platform for clinical use across a broader number of cell types,” said Michael May, President and CEO of CCRM.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with CCRM and OmniaBio to leverage their deep experience in iPSC reprogramming, gene editing and manufacturing processes to support the translation of our SOLUPORE® platform towards clinical applications,” Michael Maguire, CEO of Avectas.

Source: Avectas Press Release

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