GentiBio Collab with Bristol Myers Squibb to Pioneer Engineered Treg Therapies for IBD

Anna Osborne
11 August 2022
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Biotherapeutics company GentiBio has announced it is to collaborate with Bristol Myers Squibb to develop its best-in-class engineered regulatory T cell platform for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

GentiBio’s engineered Tregs proprietary platform and scalable manufacturing processes produce stable, highly-selective and durable Tregs targeting multiple indications.

Under the multi-year collaboration agreement, Bristol Myers Squibb will gain the right to develop up to three of the programs to come out of GentiBio’s Tregs platform. Capitalizing on their leadership position in cell therapies and immunology, they will advance the innovative science into clinical trials for specific diseases including IBD.

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“Unlike existing therapies, Tregs have the unique potential to re-establish immune tolerance in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as IBD. This strategic collaboration reflects our shared commitment to creating innovative immunotherapies that are designed to be potent, durable, selective and have the potential to significantly shift the standard of care for patients with autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases,” said Adel Nada, co-founder and CEO of GentiBio.


Bristol Myers Squibb made an undisclosed upfront cash payment to GentiBio, who is to receive sale and development milestone payments of up to $1.9 billion, plus royalties.

“Tregs have demonstrated the potential to suppress inflammation and autoimmune dysfunction in a tissue-restricted manner, thus avoiding widespread, and potentially harmful, immune suppression,” said Robert Plenge, Bristol Myers Squibb Senior Vice President.

IBD causes life-threatening chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract (GI). Current treatments – primarily anti-inflammatory agents and broad immunosuppressants – are often non-specific resulting in adverse effects outside the GI tract.

GentiBio’s pioneering Tregs platform has a unique ability to suppress autoimmune dysfunction and inflammation on a tissue-specific scale, whilst simultaneously healing damaged tissues and re-establishing immune homeostasis.

Source: GentiBio Press Release

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