Inceptor Bio and Avectas Collaborate to Improve Manufacturing of CAR-T’s for Solid Tumors

Ayaan Lowry
Anna Osborne
13 October 2022
Cell Therapy
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Cell therapy biotechnology company Inceptor Bio and Engineering technology leader Avectas, announce they will collaborate to improve the manufacturing and development of next-generation CAR-T cell therapies for solid tumors.

This successful collaboration will utilize Avectas’ breakthrough cell engineering technology, SOLUPORE®, and Inceptor Bio’s novel CAR-T platform.

Avectas’ SOLUPORE® allows companies to overcome the current delivery modalities’ limitations in cell engineering, including complex cell engineering, by integrating into the product manufacturing processes.

The non-viral SOLUPORE ® technology enables molecular cargo to be delivered into cells efficiently, whilst maintaining high cell functionality and viability levels, by permeabilizing the target cell membrane.

“Avectas is delighted to collaborate with Inceptor Bio to leverage the benefits of the SOLUPORE delivery platform for solid tumor CAR-T cell therapies. Excellent cell health and functionality, after complex editing, are critical to the success of these next-generation therapies,” commented Michael Maguire, Avectas CEO.

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Under the collaboration agreement, Inceptor will use SOLUPORE® technology as an alternative to electroporation when engineering T cells, in order to produce a healthier T cell product.

This technology will complement and enhance Inceptor’s CAR-T cell process. It will enable the development of engineered T cells that have better durability in the tumor microenvironment. This will improve the CAR-T therapeutic performance and efficiency in the treatment of solid tumors.

Avectas’ SOLUPORE® is well matched to Inceptors Bio’s CAR-T cell process. In the long run they aim to enhance their durability in the microenvironment of the tumor.

“Inceptor Bio is committed to building and advancing a pipeline of programs based on diversified cell therapies, including CAR-M, CAR-T, and CAR-NK. This collaboration with Avectas is part of our strategy of advancing Inceptor Bio’s next-generation cell therapy platform focused on multiple novel mechanisms to address solid tumors,” said Shailesh Maingi, Founder and CEO of Inceptor Bio.

Source: Avectas Press Release

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