Invetech Launches New Korus Technology to Transform Autologous Cell Therapies

Anna Osborne
8 July 2022
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Invetech, a Global company offering solutions, systems, and services to cell and gene therapy developers to expand the reach of next-generation medical advances, has announced the launch of their new Korus™ technology.

Korus™ is a closed system for autologous cell therapy production, providing elutriation and cell washing using gentle counterflow centrifugation to remove contaminants and produce a purified population of target cells.

The cleaner cell populations can then be delivered to downstream development and commercial manufacturing processes, such as CAR-T, dendritic cells, tumor-infiltrated lymphocytes or IPSC-derived therapy, resulting in a more efficient and optimized overall process.

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Data from Invetech’s testing program demonstrates that Korus™’s gentle elutriation process improved manufacturing performance compared to samples prepared by industry-standard washing protocol, CS5+.

Study results indicate that this new technology can produce a 31% purer lymphocyte population, 70% more T cells during expansion, and, recover 49% more T cells after selection.

Further data from the study demonstrated Korus™ to be 2x more efficient at depleting both platelets and red blood cells, and, overall, provide a 2.5x increase in manufacturing yield.

 “Our data shows that whilst achieving similar apheresis lymphocyte cell recovery to the control wash process, Korus eluted lymphocytes to high purity which resulted in improvements in downstream performance including greater Dynabead cell selection recovery and fold expansion. Overall, this innovation in cell processing will reduce the impact of starting material variability, contribute to higher manufacturing yield and reduced risk of batch failure; and potentially reduce the cost of goods for future therapies,” comments Jon Ellis, Invetech Cell Therapy Science & Application Team Lead.

The Korus™ system offers clients the flexibility to configure customized processes including centrifuge speed, counterflow rate, elutriation volume, and harvest volume. It is a functionally-closed sterile single-use system able to optimize unique protocols.

Innovating cell processing with technological advances, such as the Korus™ system, helps improve GMP manufacturing performance, leading to sped-up clinical development, successful scale-up processes, and, the production of viable therapies to reach and transform the lives of patients.

 “To fast-track the commercialization of cell and gene therapies, our industry needs efficient and scalable manufacturing technologies that can deliver high-quality therapies cost-effectively. Invetech’s new technology offering, as demonstrated by our new Korus™ system, represents our continued commitment to helping make life-saving therapies accessible to more patients,” said Andreas Knaack, Invetech’s President.

Source: Invetech Press Release. Feature image supplied by and used with permission from Invetech.

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