MicrofluidX Announces Partnership with CCRM for End-to-End Bioprocessing of CAR-T

Anna Osborne
19 January 2023
Automation & Digitisation
Cell Therapy
UK-based provider of next-generation bioreactors for cell research and manufacturing, MicrofluidX (MFX), has announced it is to partner with CCRM, a leader in developing and commercializing regenerative medicine-based technologies and cell and gene therapies.

The partnership plans to advance the manufacturing of lentivirus (LV) CAR-T cells utilizing MicrofluidX’s Cyto EngineTM, a next-generation platform.

The Cyto EngineTM platform provides complete end-to-end, closed, automated, CAR-T cell processing, enabling cell selection, activation, transduction, expansion, concentration, and formulation. This has the potential to reduce cell therapy manufacturing times and costs making these therapeutic products more accessible to patients with a sped-up delivery time.

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This platform aims to address the unmet need in the cell and gene therapy industry for a controlled transduction platform that can lower virus consumption, increase the homogeneity of the transduced cells, reduce bioprocessing times and offer closed-system atomization.

MicrofluidX has released data from early trials using Cyto EngineTM that suggests, when compared to conventional approaches, primary T-cells can be transduced in the bioreactor with 5x higher efficiency, 10x lower virus consumption, and 2x more homogeneity.

“Engineered lentivirus is still the most popular vector for CAR-T gene editing, but current methods consume large amounts of virus, and cells come out with a wide range of vector copy number. This leads to people using non-viral methods, which come with their own challenges. We are very excited about this collaboration because we will be able to show that it doesn’t have to be this way. Virally edited cells in our platform are highly viable, highly transduced, and highly homogeneous, for a fraction of the amount of virus used previously, ” said Antoine Espinet, CEO of MicrofluidX.

Under the new partnership, CCRM will assess the capabilities of MFX’s platform using its processes, staff and facilities, in an experiment of its choice. CCRM will then provide feedback to MFX for the improvement of the platform.

“This project with MicrofluidX is an opportunity to develop a more efficient and lower-cost process that can assist therapy developers. When the industry is able to bring down manufacturing costs, patients will benefit,” says Michael May, President and CEO of CCRM.

Source: MicrofluidX Press Release  


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