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World’s Largest Single-Site Cell Therapy Manufacturing Operation Accelerated by The Center for Breakthrough Medicines  

Anna Osborne
15 June 2022
The CDMO, the Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM), has announced plans to accelerate the build of the largest single-site cell therapy manufacturing operation worldwide, in partnership with global real estate platform, The Discovery Labs.

The announcement comes following a critical shortage of cell therapy supplies, and the new facility will provide the capacity to manufacture cell therapies targeting oncological indications for over 10,000 patients.

“Everyone at CBM works to save lives. This decision not only provides critically needed manufacturing capacity but also emphasizes CBM’s unwavering commitment to delivering advanced therapies for patients in need. CBM’s steadfast commitment to the patient is underscored by this decision,” comments John Lee, Vice President and Head of Cell Therapy at CBM.

CBM’s facilities currently provide biotechs with viral vector, cell therapy, and plasmid DNA manufacturing, as well as extensive process and analytical development and testing capabilities.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities will be engineered and future-proofed to support a range of cell types and complex manufacturing processes, designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

To facilitate the development of next-generation cell therapies specialized technologies will be implemented to allow for autologous manufacturing, high-fidelity gene-editing and a fully automated process.

To attain the specific manufacturing needs of the cell therapies industry CBM is working with academic institutions and innovator companies. Their aim is to lower costs, shorten timelines and scale manufacturing procedures to advance the development of these critical products and ultimately get them to patients.

“We share their race against time and apply extreme urgency to everything we do. There is a critical shortage of cell therapy manufacturing in the world forcing doctors to make heartbreaking decisions resulting in patient deaths that could be avoided. We focus every day on our patients and their families, so the intense urgency of our mission is never compromised,” said Joerg Ahlgrimm, CEO of Center for Breakthrough Medicines.

Source: CBM Press ReleaseFind

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