Stevenage Bioscience Hub’s Lab Hotel Joined by Inspira Pharmaceuticals

Anna Osborne
10 August 2022
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World-leading life science park Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst (SBC’s), located in Europe’s largest cluster of cell and gene therapy companies, has welcomed Inspira Pharmaceuticals into its Lab Hotel.

The Lab Hotel offers free lab space and office accommodation to start-up biopharmaceutical companies for up to six months.

Alongside the scientific and business support companies receive as part of the initiative, they also gain access to SBC’s vast networks of investors, specialist equipment, and mentors, to help their businesses grow.

Inspira Pharmaceuticals is a UK-based pharmaceutical company founded in 2020. The Inspira team are currently developing IPXS enzyme technology into approved drugs with therapeutic potential to treat respiratory diseases, including viral and bacterial lung infections, with the aim to improve global health outcomes.

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“Being selected for the SBC Lab Hotel has provided Inspira with an incredible springboard to achieve our research goals.  As a small biotech start-up, making the transition to running our own dedicated lab facilities and building an in-house team is a daunting challenge. With the support of the Lab Hotel we have been able to quickly set up a professional base in the middle of the UK’s life-sciences “golden triangle” with access to SBC’s state-of-the-art lab facilities and shared infrastructure.” said Rory McGoldrick, co-founder, and CEO of Inspira Pharmaceuticals.

Inspira Pharmaceutical will join around 45 other life science companies based at the SBC hub. The campus has fast become one of the most significant areas for investment in biotechnology in the UK and Europe. Since 2012 its occupying companies have secured a total of £2.9 billion for advancing innovative therapies.

The Lab Hotel, which opened its doors in 2020, allows SBC to fulfill its commitment in supporting early-stage start-up companies working in the advanced therapies and drug discovery space.

Accommodating up to four companies for six months, at any one time, these facilities enable occupants to develop their innovative products, whilst also providing unique opportunities to gain funding for advancement to continue.


“Providing support for the translation and commercialisation of early-stage research is part of SBC’s vision. We are delighted to welcome Inspira to the Lab Hotel which gives young life sciences companies access to the facilities and support they need to take their innovative ideas to the next stage,” comments Dr Sally Ann Forsyth OBE, CEO at SBC.

Many previous occupants of the Lab Hotel facilities have gone on to expand into larger lab and office space within SBC.

At the start of July 2022 SBC shared its plans to use UBS Asset Management and Reef Group’s £900m investment to expand it’s facilities, including the addition of an estimated 1.4 million square feet of laboratory and office space, and, creating up to 5000 new jobs. As SBC continues to accelerate the translation of cutting-edge science to improve human health.

In response to Inspira’s new home at the Hotel Lab Rory McGoldrick concludes:“ We are very grateful for this opportunity which will allow us to rapidly progress our research and prepare for our next big step forward.”

To find out more about the Lab Hotel or make an application, see SBC’s website or email

Source: Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst Press Release



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