Overcoming Challenges Faced with Traditional Flow Cytometry in Cell Therapy Manufacturing with the Accellix Automated Flow Cytometer

12 April 2023
Automation & Digitisation
Cell Therapy

Thursday, May 4, 2023 | 08:00 [EDT] | 11:00 [PDT] | 16:00 [BST]

Hear from one of the fastest moving cell therapy companies about how they automated their cell therapy QC platform by incorporating Accellix, overcoming manual, laborious sample preparation and analysis with traditional flow cytometry and expediting drug release.


Part 1: The speaker will be interviewed and asked to address key challenges associated with traditional flow cytometry in cell therapy manufacturing

  • Current challenges in traditional flow cytometry for QC release testing
  • Benefits of Accellix: an automated flow cytometry platform
  • Accellix vs traditional flow cytometry – method comparison (data)
  • Manual data analysis vs autoclassification with release QC assay (data)
  • Cellpoint/Galapagos automated and rapid workflow for manufacturing

Part 2: The speaker answers audience questions with an interactive Q&A.

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