Oxford Biomedica Launches Next Generation Lentiviral Vector System: TetraVecta™

Kadeja Johnson
18 May 2023
Cell Therapy
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Oxford Biomedica plc, ‘Oxford Biomedica’, announced the launch of TetraVectaTM, its 4th generation lentiviral vector delivery system. Developed at Oxford Biomedica, the state-of-the-art technology elevates the quality, potency and packaging capacity of lentiviral vectors while integrating new and enhanced safety features.

After years of development and understanding of specific industry challenges, Oxford Biomedica launched the TetraVectaTM system, already demonstrating success in pilot projects and being implemented to support the development of more complex advanced therapies.

The TetraVectaTM system greatly enhances the development and manufacture of safer and more effective lentiviral vector-based therapies to overcome crucial barriers in the therapeutic development space. The TetraVectaTM system has validated its versatile potential by supporting the creation of high-titre stable producer cell lines for prior unattainable payloads such as Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) constructs for CAR-T therapy.

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Kyriacos Mitrophanous, Chief Scientific Officer of Oxford Biomedica, stated:

 “The launch of The TetraVectaTM system demonstrates our commitment to investing in innovation in the cell and gene therapy field. This next generation lentiviral vector system empowers our clients to overcome previous-generation vector limitations and develop life-saving treatments. By addressing critical industry challenges and streamlining the development process, we are enabling our clients to shape the future of gene therapy.”

Oxford Biomedica is a quality and innovation-led viral vector CDMO – one of the original pioneers in cell and gene therapy. This cutting-edge new technology paves the way for effective and efficient manufacturing and will be able to support Oxford Biomedica’s clients in delivering their life-changing treatments to patients. The features of the TetraVectaTM system can also be used to elevate the development and incorporation of in vivo gene therapies by means of intravenous injection or to a specific organ.

“The TetraVectaTM system has the potential to make a lasting impact on the industry. Our ultimate aim is to constantly provide clients with high quality, cutting-edge technology, supporting their efforts to bring transformative therapies to patients in need,” commented Mitrophanous.

Source: Oxford Biomedica Press Release

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