Anthony Davies

In 2014, Anthony established Dark Horse Consulting to provide his expertise in product, process, and manufacturing development to cell and gene therapy companies that require it. Having spent over 20 years in leadership roles, Anthony leveraged his extensive network within the biotechnology industry to assemble a team of exceptional consultants, chosen for their broad abilities, unique expertise, and top-notch performance. As the Chief Executive Officer, Anthony is responsible for defining the strategic growth and focus of the practice, team building, liaising with key clients, and developing business for the company. He is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker and chair of national and international conferences and seminars, known for his thought-provoking and sometimes contrarian presentations.

Before founding Dark Horse Consulting, Anthony held senior executive positions in multiple publicly traded and privately held companies, earning a reputation for innovation, dedication, and competency. As a certified Six Sigma Champion, he served as the Chief Technology Officer at Capricor Therapeutics and the Vice President of Product Development at Geron Corporation.

At Geron, Anthony oversaw the process development, technical operations, pilot plant, analytical development, and cGMP manufacturing functions. He was responsible for all CMC-related regulatory filings, including securing FDA clearance for the first ever IND to initiate clinical testing of an hESC-derived product.

At Capricor Therapeutics, Anthony led the development and expansion of the company’s cardiovascular therapeutics portfolio, including stem cell and peptide products developed in-house or licensed externally.

Previously, at Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Anthony made significant contributions to the development of oncology drugs Nexavar® and Ibrance®, and built manufacturing teams for the adenovirus gene therapy ONYX-015, overseeing a pre-commercial process that involved multi-thousand liters.