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Phacilitate Announces Partnership with StemExpress for On-Site Covid-19 Testing at Advanced Therapies Week in Miami

Georgi Makin
10 January 2022
Following an announcement confirming Advanced Therapies Week 2022 will be hosted as an in-person event in Miami from 25–28 January as scheduled, Phacilitate has confirmed additional measures for ensuring a Covid-19-safe event.

Phacilitate has announced a partnership with StemExpress – a leading biospecimen and bioservices provider – for on-site Covid-19 testing at Advanced Therapies Week, scheduled to take place from 25–28 January 2022.

“I am excited to announce that we will be working with a partner who will work with us to ensure we run a Covid-safe event. They will be our pre-event and onsite testing partner. As a result of the recent surge in cases, we now ask that everyone shows proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of their first day onsite,” announced Kim Barnes, Executive Vice President at Phacilitate.

StemExpress has been conducting wide scale Covid-19 testing since early 2020, providing on-site rapid PCR testing as well as take-home RT-PCR Covid self-testing kits for organisations and events across the US, thus facilitating safe and responsible in-person meetings.

“StemExpress supports drug discovery treatments by providing primary source material for research use and pre-clinical evaluation, as well as clinical GMP-compliant cellular products,” explained Cate Dyer, CEO and Founder of StemExpress.

“StemExpress and Phacilitate are partnering around Covid-19 testing to support our industry’s return to collaborative and networking practices – creating a safe environment wherein researchers, investors, and innovators can continue vital collaborations that yield these life-changing therapies. To achieve this, StemExpress is proud to offer convenient Covid-19 testing options for Advanced Therapies Week attendees, including take-home RT-PCR COVID self-testing kits and on-site, rapid PCR testing for the duration of the event,” Cate Dyer continued.

The partnership will include the provision and management of pre-event and on-site Covid-19 testing, with results available within 30–45 minutes. Tests will be available on-site for $89, and can be pre-booked by contacting the Phacilitate team: team@phacilitate.com

Phacilitate has further outlined the additional requirements for ensuring Covid-safety via a dedicated Covid-19 FAQ page on the event’s website, providing an ‘All Secure Standard Document’ for download.

The commitment to Covid-safety for Advanced Therapies Week is supported in a statement from the Miami Beach Conference Center, which has confirmed recertification of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s (GBAC) STAR Facility accreditation. This accreditation affirms Miami Beach Convention Center’s commitment to cleaning, disinfection and disease prevention for everyone attending events hosted at the venue.

“The Miami Beach Convention Center is thrilled and excited to be hosting Advanced Therapies Week at our beautiful venue in a world class destination that is the City of Miami Beach. As always, the health, safety, security and wellbeing of all who enter our venue is our number one priority. As such, coupled with a variety of other enhanced health and safety measures that we have put in place to protect our collective health, we are very proud to have also been recertified as being GBAC STAR Facility Accredited,” stated Freddie Peterson, General Manager at Miami Beach Convention Center.

The announcement of the partnership with StemExpress follows confirmation from the Phacilitate team that the event is to go ahead as scheduled, as an in-person event. On Friday 7 January, Kim Barnes addressed the advanced therapies community, explaining:

“After much consideration and with the permission to go ahead from our clients, members and partners, we have decided to run the event as an in-person conference. We have received an overwhelming response that the advanced therapy community need an in-person meet-up to help them continue their efforts in getting these life-changing treatments to patients. Our goal at Phacilitate is to help every biotech on their commercialisation journey and we do this via the connections we create at our events. This decision was not taken lightly but we believe this is the right decision for the industry.”

“It’s my firm belief that we must maintain a steadfast commitment to safety by adhering to strict Covid-19 testing protocols, ensuring a safe environment for the many great minds of this industry to do what they do best, defy limitations,” Cate Dyer added.

“I am very excited to invite everyone to join us in just a few weeks for a fully face-to-face, safe and productive Advanced Therapies Week 2022,” Kim Barnes concluded.

For any enquiries or to register for Advanced Therapies Week 2022, please visit: https://advancedtherapiesweek.phacilitate.com

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About StemExpress

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Sacramento, California, StemExpress is a leading global biospecimen provider of human primary cells, stem cells, bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood, and disease-state products. Its products are used for research and development, clinical trials, and commercial production of cell and gene therapies by academic, biotech, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and contract research organisations (CRO’s).

StemExpress has over a dozen global distribution partners and seven brick-and-mortar cellular clinics in the United States, outfitted with GMP certified laboratories. StemExpress runs its own non-profit supporting STEM initiatives, college and high school internships, and women-led organisations. It is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is continuously expanding its network of healthcare partnerships, which currently includes over 50 hospitals in Europe and 3 US healthcare systems – encompassing 31 hospitals, 35 outpatient facilities, and over 200 individual practices and clinics.

StemExpress has been ranked by Inc. 500 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.