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EMA Accepts Application for Breakthrough Treatment of Genetic Form of ALS

Biogen, has announced the European Medicines Agency (EMA), has accepted its Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) for the review of torfersen – its investigational drug to treat superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
5th Dec 2022

Improving Novel Theraputics and Early-Phase Trials

For this interview, Phacilitate’s Ryan Leahy speaks with Marc Wolfgang Vice President of Technical Operations for BioNTech U.S, about what to expect from his presentation ‘AAV Platform Process: Continuous Improvement for First in Human Studies’, at Advanced Therapies Week 2023.
5th Dec 2022

Commercial Considerations in the World of Rare Diseases

For this interview, Phacilitate’s Becky Johnson-Kent speaks with Emily Chee, General Managers, Americas, at Novartis Gene Therapies, about what to expect from her presentation ‘Lessons learned from Zolgensma’ in the session, ‘Commercializing Gene Therapies: Building Your Strategy From Translation Through to Commercial’ at Advanced Therapies Week 2023
5th Dec 2022

Ushering in a New Paradigm for Treatment with ‘Tissue Therapeutics’

In this bite-size interview, Phacilitate’s Ryan Leahy speaks to David Lennon (CEO, Satellite Bio) about what to expect from his session, ‘Tissue and Stem Cell Therapeutics: Breakthroughs for Regenerative Medicine’ at Advanced Therapies Week 2023.
5th Dec 2022

FDA Fast Track Caribou Biosciences’ Allogeneic Anti-CD19 CAR-T

Caribou Bioscience, has announced that the FDA has granted its investigational product CB-101 with Fast Track designation and Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) in different indications.
1st Dec 2022

Avectas, CCRM and OmniaBio’s Collaboration to Accelerate the Manufacture of Edited iPSCs

Irish based cell engineering technology company Avectas, and its Canadian CDMO partner CCRM, and its subsidiary OmniaBio, have announced the expansion of their collaboration to accelerate the development of gene-edited iPSCs using SOLUPORE® technology.
30th Nov 2022

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What’s preventing developers from designing mechanistically relevant assays? This report examines this question, focusing on the identification and measurement of appropriate CQAs, the value of fit-for-purpose analytics technologies and what the future of CGT manufacturing analytics should look like.
May 2022 marks the month 17-year-old Emily Whitehead, the first pediatric patient in the world to receive CAR-T cell therapy, celebrates a momentous milestone: 10 years’ cancer free. All month Phacilitate will be joining to celebrate 10 years of CAR-T!
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