Point of Care CAR-T with Adva Biotechnologies

1 July 2021
Explore opportunities for point of care CAR-T with this technology demonstration from Ohad Karnieli, Founder and CEO of Adva Biotechnology, featured during the latest Phacilitate Automation SIG (June 2021).

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“I would like to introduce you to a sentence from the 1960s by Watts Humphrey, that says, ‘Innovation is the process of turning ideas into manufacturable and marketable form.’ So it’s not enough to have really good science and really good CAR-T. If we cannot manufacture it and bring it to patients, basically, there is no innovation…”

After outlining the main challenges in autologous cell manufacturing, Ohad explains how each can be overcome with a few simple steps or considerations.

Watch as Ohad introduces the Adva X3 platform, explaining key parameters and specifications while walking through the system, cone basic flow path and associated control schemes.

Finally, Ohad summarises how the Adva X3 can help to enable you to decentralise your manufacturing.

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