Point of Care Manufacturing for Next-Generation Advanced Therapies and Solid Tumour Treatments

22 October 2020

On-demand access to a live webinar from 22nd October 2020

In this panel of industry leaders to discuss the future of autologous cell therapies for solid tumours as part of the future of personalised medicine.

The interactive panel was primarily discussion-based, addressing the potential of personalised therapies to treat solid tumours and the main challenges in terms of logistics, cost and manufacturing to meet the scale and demand. Furthermore, the panel discusses commercial models such as centralised, de-centralised and point of care manufacturing.

Here are the key discussion points:

  1. What could be the advantages of POC manufacturing?
  2. What is the business case for POC manufacturing, how to make the decision, what data is needed?
  3. Can we create a framework or decision tree on whether it is suitable for my therapy or my business?
  4. Does POC manufacturing make my therapy more accessible to patients? Does it reduce COGs?
  5. Technology – the how, limitations and opportunities?

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