Scalable iPS-Derived Therapies with TreeFrog Therapeutics

1 July 2021
In this demo we are joined by TreeFrog Theraputics who share their innovative technology C-Stem for the  bio-production of cell therapy.

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Kevin Alessandri, Co-Founder and Vice President describes the innovation behind C-Stem and its applications and advantages in bio-production for iPS-Cell therapies, in particular Parkinson’s disease. In the second part of this demo Maxime Feyeux, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer answers questions regarding the transformative technology in this platform, discussing their business model, benefits for quality control, yield and reduced costs, future applications for the technology, and solving issues regarding scalability.

“We invented a new high-throughput technology which allows us to mass-produce iPS-based cell therapies, with flawless quality for cells and a new micro-graft format which both facilitates logistics and improves cell therapy efficacy.”


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