The Evolution of Patient Voice and Engagement Throughout the Journey to Commercialisation

Georgi Makin
11 February 2021

How industry, biotechs and patients can work together to streamline the road to commercialisation. Now available on-demand.

In the rush to the clinic and in the hustle of running collections, manufacturing and logistics operations, the voice of patients can often be reduced to numbers, data and results, and seem distant from the day-to day running of a clinical-stage biotech.

However, patient voice has a pivotal role in the regulators’ decision in the marketing authorisation application, and it is a missed opportunity for any biotech not to engage with patients to the maximum level throughout their commercialisation process.

In this webinar, which took place on 11th February, our panel of experts discussed how industry, biotechs and patients can best work together to streamline the road to commercialisation.

Through emotional personal stories, and a great discussion between patient advocates and industry, this webinar zoned in on how patient voice can really make the difference between whether a therapy can make it to market or not.

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