The Impact of AI & Sensor-Based Cell Manufacturing on Price & Availability of Cell Therapy

Georgi Makin
9 January 2023
Automation & Digitisation
Cell Therapy
In this interview, Ohad Karnieli, Founder and CEO of ADVA Biotechnology, explains the different areas AI & sensing can have an impact within the realm of cell therapy, paying special attention to the effect on price and availability of cell therapies. 

Ohad begins by explaining what AI & sensing means in the context of cell manufacturing, explaining the crucial difference between describing technologies as ‘evolutionary’ vs ‘revolutionary’.

Ohad goes on to explore the use of AI & metabolic sensing for autologous manufacturing, as well as how AI & sensor-based cell manufacturing influences quality, before explaining how both AI and sensor-based cell manufacturing can have an overall impact on the price and availability of cell therapies. 

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This interview has been produced in partnership with Adva Biotechnology, ahead of Advanced Therapies Week 2023.