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Top in Tech: Technology Demonstration Library

26 November 2021
Discover the latest technologies for advanced therapies with this library of short demonstrations, brought to you by the experts. 

Point of Care CAR-T with Adva Biotechnologies

point of care car-t

Explore opportunities for point of care CAR-T with Ohad Karnieli, founder and CEO of Adva Biotechnology.

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The Challenges and Opportunities in Therapeutic Cell Sorting with Cellular Highways

therapeutic cell sorting

Samson Rogers (CEO) and Laura Pinton (Lead Biologist) from Cellular Highways discuss the challenges and opportunities with therapeutic cell sorting.

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Scale Up of Therapeutic Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy with PALL

viral vectors

Emmanuelle Cameau, Viral Vector & Gene Therapy Technical Manager at PALL Corporation, outlines how to match manufacturing scale to therapy demand.

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Exploring the Possibilities of Flexible Automation with Sexton Biotechnologies


Discover opportunities for flexible automation with this technology demonstration from Sean Werner, President of Sexton Biotechnologies.

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Adapting Products to the Unique and Evolving Needs of the CGT Industry with OriGen Biomedical

adapting technology

David Miller, Senior Sales Manager and Nathan Thompson, Director of Engineering at OriGen Biomedical explain the process for adapting cell and gene therapy products to specific customer needs.

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Expanding Sterile Connection Technology to Small-Format Product Volume Transfer Applications

Jayanthi Grebin, Senior Business Development Manager CGT at CPC, describes how ‘big solutions come in small packages’ when it comes to expanding sterile connection technology to small–format product volume transfer applications.

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Meet TESSA: A New, Scalable, Plasmid-Free System for AAV Manufacture

Ryan Cawood, CSO at WuXi Advanced Therapies, describes TESSA technology – a novel, plasmid free approach to AAV manufacture – and how it is being used as a ‘revolutionary’ technology for manufacturing AAV.

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Modernise Your Gene Therapy Analytics with Simple Western

Chris Heger, Director of Analytics for the Analytical Solutions Division at Bio-Techne, discusses how to modernise your gene therapy analytics with the Simple Western automated immunoassay systems.

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