Mentorship and networking for women working in advanced therapies

The cell and gene therapy community has a skills gap across all levels right up to the board positions. Companies struggle to recruit, retain, develop and promote employees for our rapidly growing and maturing industry. Diversity and inclusion at all career levels is necessary if companies want to access untapped market space and retain their top talent and competitive advantage.

Women in Advanced Therapies is a specialist group for members of the Phacilitate network. It provides mentorship and networking for women working in advanced therapies. The goal is to build the foundations for a community to help recruit, retain, develop and promote women, creating leaders of tomorrow and encouraging new women to join the sector.

“I mentored Megan Livingston. Through the mentor-mentee relationship I identified her as a very capable individual. I started a new company focused on thin film technology for the storage of vaccines, mRNA drugs, and gene therapy treatments at room temperature. Megan became employee number one at Jurata Thin Film Inc. The Women in Advanced Therapies mentorship programme through Phacilitate enabled us to get connected and start this new enterprise”

Sheila Mikhail, founder & CEO, Asklepios Biopharmaceuticals, Inc