Yposkesi Reveals a New Lentiviral Vector Platform

Kadeja Johnson
6 April 2023
Cell Therapy
Gene Therapy
Viral/Non-Viral Vectors
Yposkesi launches its new LentiSure™, Lentiviral (LV) vector production platform modified for higher yields providing CAR-T developers with a more robust capacity to enhance the clinical development and commercial cell and gene therapy pipelines.

SK pharmteco’s clinical and commercial viral vector manufacturer for cell and gene therapies, Ypsokesi, announced the opening of LentiSure™, an optimized LV manufacturing platform for increasing lentivirus production efficacy.

LentiSure™’s produces consistent, quality LV vectors with the average titers at cell culture harvest at 10e7 IG/mL bioreactor volume, giving assurance of higher quality productivity and a higher likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes for cell therapy developers.

LV vectors are a robust gene delivery system, used to produce cell-based immuno-oncology therapies, crucial in determining the success of any cell-based cancer treatment.

“Yposkesi is pleased to launch LentiSure, a novel and key asset able to deliver consistent yields of lentivirus vectors at the higher end of what we see on the market today,” said Alain Lamproye, chairman and CEO of Yposkesi. “[…] Two new CAR-T products were approved last year in the US, with six products already on the market in both the US and Europe, along with several pending approvals. LentiSure’s scalable, high yield and high-quality lentiviral process brings net advantages to CAR-T developers and competitively positions Yposkesi as a leading European CDMO for viral vectors.”

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Yposkesi has increased efficiency, reduced complexity, included step performance and time and material management at each manufacturing step to optimize its LV platform. This brings benefits to becoming more predictable for cell therapy development, adhering to better deliverance on client timelines. Overall costs have also benefited through the optimized inputs and improvements to operations. 

“LentiSure has already produced dozens of batches with its simplified process, designed to increase step efficiency and reduce variability. Our yields have been shown to be consistent between batches of the same product,” added Lamproye.

LentiSure provides cGMP compliant lentiviral vectors for clinical and commercial cell and gene therapy development. LentiSure’s main features include high titers, high transduction efficiency, reliability and scalable production processes with optimized purification techniques.

Source: Yposkesi Press Release


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